Fast Food

16 Feb

Suddenly I found myself hungry on Sunday afternoon. “Fast food would be so easy right now,” I thought. Then I remembered, I HAVE fast food! The ultimate fast food thanks to the wonderful invention of the microwave, pre-made veggie burgers, buns, and a potato.

Veggie Burger from the refrigerator: one minute each side.

Ezekiel Bun from the refrigerator: opened up, face side up, 30 seconds.

I sliced half a Roma tomato. Then I thinly sliced half an avocado and used it as a spread on the buns, and viola! So good. I forgot to top with spinach, and remembered when I had about two bites left. Dang!

5 minutes tops, and way better than those awful fast food options.20140216-164108.jpgI also made chips. Why? Because I wanted chips and had a potato, of course!

One small Yukon Gold potato, which made two batches. I’ve figured out that 5 minutes 15 seconds is perfect for my microwave.

Batch 1: spiced with Penzey’s Mural of Flavor spice blend and Florida Seasoned Pepper spice blend.

Batch 2: spiced with Penzey’s Paprika Smoked Spanish Style and Florida Seasoned Pepper spice blend. 20140216-165558.jpgMy Cleo kitty tried her best to taste test everything. She was not successful. Max can be seen in the background of both photos. He slept through all the excitement.

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2 Responses to “Fast Food”

  1. Ani February 16, 2014 at 10:43 pm #

    I love making a big batch of veggie burgers and freezing them for quick lunches/dinners.

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