Veggie Burgers!

14 Feb

I made veggie burgers today! 1 box of Kidney beans, about a cup of rolled oats, a few splashes of tomato purée. Mixed it up. Hmmm, a bit wet. A handful more of oats. Pretty good.

Wait! I have defrosted frozen kale! Everything is better with kale! Add some of that. Too wet again. Hmm. Quinoa! Probably a cup. Mix it up, a bit more oats. Taste. Needs spices.

Penzey’s to the rescue! A generous few shakes of Spanish Smoked Paprika, Arizona Dreaming, Florida Seasoned Pepper, and a bit of Mural of Life. Mmmm. I got carried away, but the combo works.

Form the patties, big patties, I made four big enough to fit on the Ezekiel Buns. Heat the toaster oven to 375. Tin foil with parchment on top, load them up. Baked 20 minutes on each side. Ok, 27 on the second side, as I got side tracked and lost track of time.

I let them cool a little then put them in individual ziplock bags. I left them open another hour or so, then sealed them up. They had a little condensation in the bag, which made up for the extra seven minutes in the oven. Now I have buns and burgers that I can grab when I need a quick meal.

I am looking forward to making my sandwich with tomato, avocado, and a lemon juice and tahini dressing. Mmmmm.20140214-013615.jpg

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  1. Fast Food | A Year of Going Vegan - February 16, 2014

    […] Veggie Burger from the refrigerator: one minute each side. […]

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