Just Call Me Sally

24 Jan

My best friend has been out of town in an extended trip. She popped back home this week, and she and I had dinner at a French Vietnamese place I’d never been to. They had Pho! We both decided we wanted Pho and spring rolls. How could I not have Pho?
20140122-232415.jpgThe waiter made the mistake of addressing me first.

“I’d like the Pho.”
“Excellent choice. Beef or chicken?”
“No meat.”
“Oh, ok. It’s made with beef broth, do you want vegetable instead?”
“Yes please.”
“You know that’s not really Pho.”
“Yes, I know how it’s made, I have friends who have told me. It’s kind of disgusting so we won’t tell my friend here, ok?”

We laughed and my friend plugged her ears and said “Don’t ruin my Pho!”

I continued, “And no onions. Or oil. No oil. Do you have mushrooms?”
“I’d love mushrooms please. Can they do all that?”
“Sure. Do you want the cilantro?”
“Extra cilantro would be great. And basil. Extra all of it.”
“Ok. I think I’ve got all that.” He repeated it all back perfectly. “And you?” he said turning to my friend.

She said, “I just want Pho. With Chicken. The normal way.”

We laughed and he walked away. She looked at me and said “OK Sally, what was that?”

We laughed and laughed. The veg spring rolls and the Pho were really good. I slurped up every last drop, drip an noodle. My friend ate half of hers and took the rest home. I also had her wedge of lime and sriracha. 😁

Next we discussed exercise. I made a promise that I will get started with my training so that when she returns home at the end of February, we can walk together. She’s 5′-3″, about 115 pounds, and walks faster than anyone I know. I need a head start in the training department. Or a hover board.

She also has crazy loud colorful shoes and said she will go with me when I need new shoes. She also wants to do the 5K with me. So the training must begin. She’s going to drag my sorry ass across a finish line sometime this year. Eek ads!

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3 Responses to “Just Call Me Sally”

  1. Annie January 24, 2014 at 10:49 pm #

    Eek! Lol good luck n have fun with the shoe shopping and the 5k.

  2. Vermont Cowgirl February 4, 2014 at 8:31 am #

    I just stumbled across your blog – love it! In case you’re looking to get into the best.darn.shape.of.your.life … go check out Rush Fit. I’m usually not quick to throw the word “lifechanging” around easily but if you stick with it, give it 8 weeks, you’ll see amazing results.

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