Healthy Care

13 Oct

Interesting convo today with friends about the current expense of healthcare. The consensus was that many Americans suffer from ailments that can be remedied by making lifestyle changes, mainly diet and exercise.

The question was posed:

Will people be more inclined to make changes to improve their health rather than face rising healthcare costs?


It is expensive to be unhealthy. Medical treatments, doctor visits, prescription medications – there is nothing cheap about them. Add a hospital stay, yikes! Has anyone been to the ER in recent years and gotten out for less than $10k?

I look at what some people spend a month on medication for ailments that are preventable, and it makes me sad. I am one of them! Blood pressure medicine and OTC Prilosec (every other day.) I would rather put that monthly expense into my savings. Better still, I can buy fresh produce with that money.

Healthcare costs will only continue to rise. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, and they like or that way. New medications will be created to feed our ailments, not cure. The only way to fight this is to make a lifestyle change.

I will continue to make changes that will promote good health.

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