Walking in the Heat of August.

27 Aug

I walked again tonight. First time in a week. Last week I walked two days and then woke up Thursday morning with horrible neck and shoulder pain. It actually had persisted all week. I’ve also been battling a migraine for several days. Ya, I’m a mess.

I decided to take Thursday and Friday off. Saturday I was fifteen minutes away from leaving work and going to walk, when I fell. I slipped in a puddle while taking out the trash. I landed badly, twisting both my right ankle and knee. I landed on my left hand and knee.

Yup, that slowed me down. Sunday it was really sore. Monday it was still swollen and sore. Tuesday I just didn’t feel well, so today I walked.

Good lord it was hot out there! It was a beautiful night on the waterfront. The view really does help! I left the parking lot, rounded the corner and saw this. IMG_1574.JPG Oh yes, the view really does help. IMG_1575.JPGI logged 2.18 miles tonight, although my pace was a lousy 43:55. It was so hot, I was afraid to stop.

I felt lousy. Hot, headache, heartburn, swelling hands, but I did it. I peeled off my shoes, socks, and knee brace when I got back to the car. My brace was soaked, yuck! My knee felt good though ūüėČ I also wore my new bra. It’s a crazy intense sports bra that, well, keeps things from moving. I’m hoping that helps with the neck and shoulder issue.

I need to remember not to eat too close to walking. I also need to figure out my hydration. Tomorrow is an off day, so Friday night I’ll do this again!

Catching Up

25 Aug

The month of August has flown by!  So much happening.  I took care of a huge work project, so now I can focus on ME!

Last week I began training for a 5K I will be doing in October. ¬†Considering I haven’t exercised in close to 10 years, I think I’m being ambitious. ¬†I may have to crawl, but I am doing it. ¬†

I walked twice last week. ¬†The first night out, I walked 2.5 miles! ¬†The second night I walked 2 miles, as I got a late start and it was getting dark. ¬†I would have walked over the weekend as well, but I slipped and fell in a puddle on Saturday and my ankle took a beating. ¬†It’s much better today :-D

I’m using the Map My Run app so that I can see and hear my progress. ¬†I plan to walk this week as well, and then begin the Couch 2 5K program next week. ¬†I also have an app for that, which will prompt me to do things like walk, run, walk, run…

I went to the doctor last week and was told that my cholesterol has jumped 60 points! ¬†The rest of my numbers were about the same or lower, but the cholesterol has me baffled. I’ve just come out of a very stressful couple months at work. ¬†I may have partook in fried foods the night before the test (who me?), oh there are SO many things that can contribute to that. ¬†That said, I plan to spend the next month or so focusing on following the Engine 2 plan with a lean into the Dr Esselstyn plan. ¬†And the walking thing. ¬†Yes, exercise helps. ¬†

Photo Aug 08, 8 01 48 PMBecause timing is everything, I have had the privilege of receiving an advanced copy of the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook by Ann Crile Esselstyn and Jane Esselstyn.  I have read it cover to cover, and I have so many pages bookmarked that it looks like a pile of paper exploded.  

Everyone needs to pre-order¬†this book. ¬†I repeat, EVERYONE needs to pre-order this book. ¬†I’ve read a lot of cookbooks. ¬†I’ve tried a lot of things. ¬†This is the first cookbook dedicated to whole foods plant based that made me want to…dare I say? COOK!

I have a long list of recipes I want to try.  A very long list.  I will be attacking them over the next several weeks, and writing about them here.  

Lastly, because I’m so “inspired” to do better, train, cook, etc., I’ve signed up to participate in Vegan MoFo 2014! ¬†My how ambitious am I?

I have friends who are also participating, so hopefully we can all inspire each other. Here we go!

A Feel-Good Story

5 Aug

It’s not always just about the food. I read a blog last night and nearly cried. It is about my friend’s passion, St Louis All City Boxing. She and her husband have a dream, and they are living it. How many people get to live the dream AND give back to the community?

Helping inner city children. Coaching young boxers. Educating families on how to eat well, plant-based, and affordably. How amazing is that?

I am incredibly proud of what the Mackeys have accomplished in a relatively short time. Please read about their work and share it if you like.

The world needs more people like the Mackeys.


Garden Update: Peppers!

4 Aug

Baby, tiny, teeny-weeny peppers! There are two of them. None of the other plants have any. My new babies.

They look to be the Albino Bullnose Peppers. I love bell peppers, and can not wait to taste these. 20140803-222311-80591980.jpg(Above) This was taken on Friday morning.

20140803-222357-80637666.jpg(Above) This was taken yesterday, Sunday afternoon.

I ordered the seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and planted them on the first day of spring. I believe the heat of summer has slowed them down. I am pleased to see something finally happening!

I will plant more veggies come late September or early October. Summer here is just too brutal for baby plants.

Super Simple Vegetable Soup

3 Aug

Sometimes a girl needs comfort food. What is more comforting than soup? Even though it’s August in Florida, I really wanted soup.

I was at the grocery store this afternoon and decided to grab some things for the soup. I stood in the frozen food aisle pondering. I realized something…

…I really don’t like most of the frozen veggies at the store!

It took a while to find a few I could live with. “Mixed Vegetables” have too many things in them that I don’t like. Onions. Onions in everything. Lima beans. Ick. Just feed me sandpaper. Carrots, eh. Cauliflower, no thank you. I settled on spinach, peppers, and mushrooms. I wish now if had some organic corn in the freezer. 20140803-215932-79172679.jpgThis is a pantry soup of sorts that I made with cans and frozen food that I typically have on hand. I always have cans of no salt/oil added beans, diced tomatoes, and veggie broth on hand as well. 20140803-220511-79511637.jpgSuper Simple Vegetable Soup
Makes 4-6 servings
About $2.70 a serving (based on six servings)

– 1 can garbanzo beans
– 1 can diced tomatoes
– 1 bag frozen spinach
– 1 bag frozen green bell peppers
– 1 bag frozen mushrooms
– 1 bag frozen rice
– 2 cloves minced garlic
– onion powder, turmeric, coriander, Penzeys mural of life, Spanish smoked paprika, bay leaf powder, and Italian seasoning, sprinkled in until it smelled good.
– 32 ounces veggie broth (no salt no oil)
– 32 ounces of water plus a few splashes

I heated up the garlic and spices with a bit of water until they became fragrant. I added everything else, and cooked for about half an hour.

I topped my bowl with Ninja Squirrel Sriracha from Whole Foods Market. I love that stuff. It has few ingredients, and the Sarno brothers do it right. It’s actually clean tasting! Highly recommended. 20140803-215518-78918098.jpg

I’m Sure I’ve Lost my Mind

27 Jul

I think I may have a low grade sinus infection. That plus working too many hours and being overly tired, I’ve made some entertaining moves.

I tripped over the cat and fell on my butt. I collided with three people at work yesterday. I stood in the back room twice having no idea why I was there. It’s been that kind of week. I do stupid things when I’m run down and not feeling well.

Last December I made a pact with a friend. I would do a 5k before the end of 2014 if she would do a half marathon. Life has continued moving forward, I never got around to training and she became insanely busy with her new non-profit. She conceded that she will not meet her goal. I on the other hand, I kept feeling that guilt tugging at me…I gave my word.

Friends have offered to run it with me. I have a ton of support. I bought shoes and inserts (why didn’t I know about inserts 30 years ago?)

Last week I had lunch with two friends. I told them about this pact and they became very enthusiastic. Scary enthusiastic. All kinds of questions and promises for loving support, and a little harassing if needed. Good grief.

The 5K pact had been heavy on my mind since that lunch. Also, I’ve attended two chat sessions with regard to exercise. I have had little to offer. I have to put the damn shoes on and get out there. I have the Map My Run and Couch to 5K apps installed. Just put the damn shoes on and go!

I need to buy another one or two pair of shorts. I own one pair. I also need to buy a couple shirts. I have no exercise shirts. And a really good bra. A REALLY good bra. Or maybe just a big ole ace bandage to strap those puppies down…I can not let this deter me. I have to out on the damn shoes.

Last night, under the influence of Prosecco and Bennedryl, I stumbled upon a 5K out at the beach in October. I signed up. Them I posted it in Facebook. If it’s on Facebook, it becomes real. Oh good lord, what have I done?

Yes. I’m FREAKING OUT! What was I thinking? I’m barely hitting 4,000 steps a day. A 5K??? I do the damnedest things during my moments of weakness. Right now, I’m weak. And tired. And I don’t feel well.

Three months. I have three months. Three. Months.

I may wake up tomorrow and ask for a refund..

Cat Repellent and the Bunny

22 Jul

Max laid in my lap yesterday morning as I ate my breakfast. Eight cherries and a clementine. He purred and was so sweet while I ate the cherries. Then I took a fork, pierced the peel of the clementine, and the aroma (not the juice) was released.

Max sat straight up, squinted his eyes at me as if they burned, and stopped purring. He stayed like that while I peeled it, a good minute. Them he made a “grr” noise and left my lap. I wasn’t even peeling it in front of him! I was turned sideways! Crazy cat.

Clementines = Kitty Repellant

I arrived home from work last night to find a small, brown bunny in the neighbor’s yard. It was sitting on the lawn staring at the front door. Intently staring. I was able to quietly walk to within about 20 feet to take a photo.

How can something so small wreak such garden havoc? He is cute, but he needs too find a new neighborhood. I’ve found holes dug in nearly every plant this this week.

Last night, my plants had not been touched. Whew!

I wonder why he was staring at the neighbor’s house? Do they feed him? Hmmm…20140722-090133-32493390.jpg

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